Technical initiatives that are being made for a greener future

Technical initiatives that are being made for a greener future

The techies of today often have one huge commonality, and that is to include climate-friendly solutions to their products.

Climate changes are no joke. What do you think technology can do to help?

Big tech + Oil and gas

It was made public in 2018 that big tech companies like Google and Microsoft are partnering up with the big oil- and gas companies like ExxonMobile to enhance their oil drilling and production by up to 50 000 barrels per day! Upon helping oil and gas services companies, Google also, like many tech companies are fronting their wind-driven server farms and R&D on solar energy.

Are the big tech companies running into another hypocritical corner on their view on fossil fuels and climate changes?

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Is it even possible to leave fossil energy?

This seems like a problem that no one has quite figured out yet. Even though renewable and other environmental energy is on a rise, it can’t yet cope with the increasing demand for energy. Even if small countries like Norway can fulfill their demand for energy with 99% natural and renewable sources, bigger countries simply can’t. This was proven when Germany switched to completely environmentally friendly energy sources, and it didn’t take long before they had to fire up their coal-plants.

The “final” answer isn’t quite clear, even though there are a few points that certainly will help, as professor Jordan Peterson says here:

Start-ups are entering the field to save the 🌎

Many start-ups are popping up with the purpose of saving the planet. One of these is Jupiter. Jupiters goal is to use technology to help governments and others to more easily figure out where and what to change by using satellite imagery. This method has grown fast in popularity, and by now Jupiter has gotten cities like New York and Miami in the US along with the federal government. Places like Rotterdam, London and Singapore are also set to use these services.
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